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 By accessing this www.idaylummm.com you are deemed to have understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions (disclaimer) that apply to the use of this blog, as listed below:

    I created this blog to learn to write & share experiences.
Each article contains the date, month & year of writing. Please use the information provided on this blog for reference or reference only. I write based on what I know on the date, month & year of writing. I do not guarantee that all the information presented is accurate and complete so that I am not responsible for any errors and delays in updating information, or any losses arising from actions related to the use of the information contained in this blog, I am very grateful if there are readers who are willing to notify not updating articles that I have written through the comments column.

    In this blog there are several links to other sites that I intend to complete the information I wrote at the time of writing and at that time it was still relevant. Therefore I am not responsible for the content or changes to the content of the sites I link to.

    Every reader of this blog is allowed to comment with a note that the comments written are the responsibility of the respective commentators.

    The writings on this blog are the author's personal opinion and are not a reflection of the attitude of the institution where the author works.

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