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Causes and How to Resolve Hard Disk Not Read in BIOS When Boot Priority

Penyebab dan Cara Mengatasi Hardisk tidak terbaca di BIOS Ketika Boot Priority A hard disk is a device that is embedded in a computer machine, often also called HDD "Hard Disk Drive". This device has the function of storing all data on the computer starting from photos, videos, music, documents, applications, operating systems and important programs other.

Hard disks can usually be used by connecting directly to a computer and being operated by humans. But as a human-made hardware component, the hard disk still has its weaknesses. The most common thing that happens to this hard disk, maybe you know: Sometimes the hard disk on the computer is not detected when booting. This happens to the hard disk and USB that are installed, even though you have tried to do various things such as trying to restart the PC but the results are to no avail.

What causes the problem? We conclude that there are several things that could be the main cause of this problem occurring, this is usually related to the Windows operating system itself, usually this case is often experienced by Windows 8 users up to the latest version. The problem that is often experienced is when the hard disk cannot be read during "Boot Priority" mode, this causes the hard disk to become unreadable in the BIOS.

The following is an explanation of the causes and how to resolve the hard disk not being read in the BIOS.

1. Damage (Bad Sectors)

Damage to the Bad Sector is perhaps considered the most serious risk because problems in the Bad Sector are difficult to handle so the risk of damage occurring is greater, however this problem can still be repaired even though the possibility of returning to normal is very small.

This condition occurs when the BIOS is running but a problem arises where the hard disk cannot be read by the device. The first thing is because the first two things lie in the Input & Output device system

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