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Xiaomi Game Turbo Booster Update Version 6.0 Latest FPS Feature Download Now

Xiaomi Game Booster Update Versi 5.0 Terbaru ada Fitur FPS Download Sekarang

Good news for gamers because recently Xioami has released its newest Game Turbo with version 5.0, this application can be used by all Xiaomi cellphones.

In this update, Game Turbo version 5.0 has fixed the bug problems experienced by Xiaomi in the previous version, including: the problem of not opening the window during the game, Game Turbo force close and screen recording problems, which now with the presence of the latest version these problems can be handled properly. The good news is that Xiaomi has also updated important features regarding performance, and a new graphic filter which is quite unique because it can make the display clearer and has performance in running even heavy applications and games.

On the other hand, this turbo game has been implemented since Xiaomi first released their cellphone, this is also an official Turbo Game made by the Xiaomi manufacturer itself which is much liked, especially by gamers, apart from that, the advantage of using this turbo game is that it can speed up the CPU and GPU processes. provided by focusing its performance on one selected application. The sophistication of this application has its own settings to adjust the performance and graphics according to the user's wishes.

Small but very useful updates to the latest Game Turbo 4.0 feature, namely this application can "Monitor Performance" of the CPU and GPU on your cellphone. So you can see the differences and comparisons in performance obtained on your cellphone. When the smartphone is overclocked, you will of course see the statistics shared in this Game Booster application. This is very useful, especially for those of you who see the FPS (Frames Per Second) in the game that is being run.

Therefore, for those of you who are curious about downloading this application officially and originally, the Latest Turbo Game update 10 October 2022 version 5.0 via the link below.


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