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What is meant by artificial insemination?

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What is meant by artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is a way of injecting sperm into female animals to produce superior new offspring. In scientific terms, artificial insemination, usually called artificial insemination (AI), is a technique for taking sperm in the form of semen from a male so that it can be injected into the reproductive tract of a female animal. In this way, males and females do not have to go through the mating process first to produce new offspring.
As the era progresses, artificial insemination has been widely used in various fields of animal husbandry, in order to increase high production, apart from being practical, this method is effective in increasing the population of livestock. Farm animals that can undergo artificial insemination include chickens, goats, sheep, cows, buffalo and other animals.
Basically, the Ib program is not only carried out for the sole purpose of injecting semen into the reproductive tract of female animals, but also requires selection and maintenance of males. Apart from that, efforts are also needed to contain, assess, dilute, store such as preserving, cooling or freezing, transporting semen, insemination, recording and determining the results of insemination in livestock. This is done so that breeders can get the desired results and avoid losses due to errors in the manufacturing process.
The advantages of artificial insemination include:

1. Save costs

Artificial insemination can save costs because the mating process is replaced by artificial insemination so that no more males are needed. By injecting insemination, the parent will reproduce new offspring.
2. Save Time
The existence of this artificial immunization program makes it easier for the livestock sector to create new seeds. Owners only need to make an order by contacting the Inseminator in the area that provides this service. Next, the owner needs to choose the type of seed (semen) according to the desired livestock.

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