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This is how to ferment bran with EM4 for chicken feed

x Rice bran is leftover grain that has been processed by a rice milling machine, producing waste that can be used as animal feed. Generally, rice milling machines will produce around 65% of consumption rice and the other 15% is the remaining grain in rice consisting of husks, bran and also rice bran.

Rice bran is usually easy to get when the rice harvest season arrives, but you can also get it at the nearest rice mill in your area.

Rice bran is often used as animal feed, apart from being cheap, rice bran also has a number of good nutrients for animal feed. Bran has a protein content of 12-14%, crude fiber 11%, and also fat of 13%.

Bran cannot be stored for a long time. If you want the bran to be stored for a long time, we recommend that the bran be fermented first. Later, the results of this fermentation will produce bran that is long-lasting and can even increase the nutritional content in it.

Bran Fermentation With EM4

Good bran is bran that is durable and also produces balanced nutrition for livestock. For this reason, the process of making rice bran requires a fermentation process using special microorganisms which are processed using modern biotechnology in order to convert rice bran into food that livestock like, apart from having good nutritional content, this fermentation can also make the bran long-lasting.

EM4 (Effective Microorganism 4) is a form of microorganism that is available in brownish liquid form and has a fishy and sour taste. EM4 is often used in animal husbandry to make fermented feed using rice bran and turn it into feed ready to be eaten by livestock. But not only that, EM4 is also often used in agriculture and advertising to make other raw materials.

The bacterial content found in EM-4 is quite diverse, including Lactobacillus casei, Sacchromyce cerevisae, and Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Especially for EM4 farms, it can be identified by its brown bottle. Fermentation with EM4 causes the taste and aroma to change, but this is actually liked by chickens so it can increase their appetite.

Apart from that, using EM4 is very safe to use because it is made from natural raw materials and also microorganisms that are good for the chicken's body. EM4 can increase animal weight, can increase body immunity, apart from that, balanced use of EM4 can prevent chickens from stress levels.

How to ferment bran with EM4

To make fermentation with EM4 you need to do the following steps.

1. Preparing Tools

To make fermentation, you need a tool in the form of a bucket for the stirring process, while other tools such as barrels and tarpaulins are used for the mixing process.

2. Prepare materials

The materials needed for the process of making this bran include 40 kg of rice bran, as much EM4 solution as the ingredients needed, 250ml of sugar cane molasses or can be replaced with 12 liters of granulated sugar.

3. How to ferment suddenly

To start the fermentation process you need to prepare the necessary ingredients such as.

Prepare a bucket filled with water

Put EM4 into the bucket, as much as 1-2cc per 1 liter.

Next, add the sugar cane juice drops or if you don't have any, you can replace it with 12 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

Stir until the ingredients are evenly mixed. Keep in mind that the water content in the chest only needs to be around 20-40%.

After stirring, then put it into the barrel

Leave the mixture in the barrel for approximately 4-5 days

Then it's ready to be used

Apart from the sudden fermentation that can be given to chickens in the form of feed, you can also use 1-2 cm of EM4 liquid mixed with other feed, that way the chickens will be healthy. Apart from that, EM4 can also be used in chicken coops to maintain the condition of the coop environment so it doesn't smell and prevents disease.

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