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The ions in the soil that plants need include

Ion-ion dalam tanah yang dibutuhkan oleh tumbuhan antara lain

Hello friends, to answer questions with questions like the following picture

The ions in the soil needed by plants include...

a. 02 and CO2

b. SO42- and 02

c. Mg2 and NO3-

d. Mg2 and CO2

So the most precise answer is C. Mg2 and NO3-

As an explanation, you can read the following description.

Soil as the main element of life for living creatures and plants certainly has a vital function for the environmental ecosystem, soil contains nutrients such as minerals and nutrients that are good for plants. The nutrients in this soil are obtained due to weathering carried out naturally or by human intervention. Soil contains many ions such as (K), calcium (Ca2), and magnesium (Mg2). Meanwhile, negative ions are nitrate (NO3-), phosphate (H2PO4-), and sulfate (SO42-). These ions are atomic compounds that produce electron fields, then these ions will be absorbed by plants through the roots and down the stem to the leaves and fruit. The elements in the soil can also be well absorbed by plants, especially during photosynthesis with the help of direct sunlight. Therefore the correct answer is C. Mg2 and NO3-. Hopefully this lesson can be useful for all of us, keep up the enthusiasm, best wishes, thank you.

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