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Show Run functions to configure the Windows operating system

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Computers have now become an important necessity for individuals who work in offices and for students who go to school. Of course, the presence of computers is part of the development of the times, considering that these computers have important functions and benefits in making human work easier. Thanks to this sophistication, there are many hidden features on computers that currently not many people know about, and many have even abandoned them even though they have very important uses. One of these features is Show Run, have you ever heard that term, of course you're confused, right? For this reason, here will provide an explanation of what a show run is, its benefits and functions. Before that, let's look at the following review.

Understanding Show Run

#Show Run functions as a command to open programs on the Windows computer operating system. You can use show run as a tool that can open or search various programs quickly and practically, such as opening applications, files, folders, etc. In other words, show run is a shortcut feature for users to open various desired programs.

#Show Run is a feature in Windows that has traces of the first release of Windows 95, then this feature continues to be developed and used in the current generation of Windows.

Using this feature is also quite easy, users only need to press the Windows R keyboard shortcut and the Run dialog command will appear. In the Run dialog contact, you can enter the name of the program you want to search for, then the results will appear according to the contents of the search keywords. For example, if you are looking for the keyword "calculator", just type in the search "calc" then the program will immediately appear in the search, as another example you can also try it to search for files in the directory: C:\Windows, for example office.exe then you just press enter after that the program can be executed.

Show Run Functions for Configuration: Other Computer Features
Clean Desktop (Win D)

Often you use a computer by running other applications simultaneously on the desktop, of course this will burden the computer so it will be slow. To clean your desktop so you don't multitask various running programs, you can try activating the secret button by pressing the Win button then pressing D, then all activities in minimized computer windows will be deleted so the computer will be fresh again.

Selecting Active Applications (Alt Tab)

A computer running with lots of windows is certainly a hassle for its users when everything has to be done multitasking, especially regarding important things, lots of programs running in windows, but the use of applications on the screen behind this window is limited so you need to create a new window. Therefore, you should use the shortcut feature by pressing the alt shortcut key so that a new window can be created without having to delete the main window.

Show Screen to Projector or TV (Win P)

Today's sophisticated computers are equipped with features that can connect the computer directly to the projector, but this does not apply universally, only a few devices are suitable for connection.

However, you don't need to worry because you can use the secret button by pressing the Win P button so that you can open the screen as a duplicate which can be shared with other devices, both on other computers and on projectors.

Locking Win L Computer

To increase security on your computer so that no one tampers with it, it's a good idea to activate the security lock feature on your computer by pressing the Win L button. In this way, other people will never know your password, unless you give it to them.

The presence of the RUN feature on a computer is of course very useful for users, especially when faced with tasks that require high levels of multitasking, so using the Run feature is very suitable to help complete work quickly and efficiently.

That is information regarding the benefits and functions of Show Run. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us.

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