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Indomaret Employee Promise

Janji Karyawan Indomaret

Indomaret is one of the modern retail companies in Indonesia which was founded in 1985 by Mr Sudwikatmono. This company operates in the field of modern retail stores that sell various kinds of products, such as food, drinks, beauty products, equipment, household products, etc. Indomaret has an extensive store network throughout Indonesia and provides fast and friendly service to its customers. Indomaret continues to innovate to improve the quality of services and products offered to its customers, therefore Indomaret implements SOPs for all employees on duty.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Indomaret employees is a guideline implemented by the company to regulate employee work procedures and ensure that all activities in the store run well and in accordance with procedures that have been determined according to applicable regulations. This SOP covers various things that apply to Indomaret regulations, such as customer service, goods management, security and safety, and others. One of the SOPs that is characteristic of Indomaret is the "Employee Promise" which is one of the series or daily routines that is very important before the start of work at the beginning of the shift before opening the store. This pledge was read by each crew member on duty. This small routine looks trivial but behind it it has quite a positive impact on the company, this is because the pledge aims to ensure that employees can uphold the company's good name in the eyes of consumers by providing the best service. Apart from having a good impact on the company, this routine is also able to provide enthusiasm for the employees on duty so they can work seriously by prioritizing honesty, discipline, cooperation and prioritizing good ethics towards customers and fellow work teams.

This Employee Promise is part of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) implemented by every modern retail company in Indonesia, but unfortunately there are still companies that do not implement this SOP, if this important routine is not carried out then the crew on duty will forget the Employee Promise in the end. does not reflect a good SOP level.

For Indomaret, the Employee Pledge is always held before starting a work shift. This is reflected in the regulations that Indomaret has set and has become an SOP that must be adhered to by every employee on duty.

Procedures before saying the Pledge of Promise, Indomaret employees must first clench their fists next to their chest and then say the Employee Pledge in a loud, confident voice. For those of you who don't know the text and procedures for pronouncing the Employee Pledge properly and correctly, see the complete information below.

Indomaret Employee Promise Text

To make it easier for you to memorize, below, Zhinggo has summarized the text of the Indomaret Employee Promise along with a complete video, of course in accordance with the company's current SOP.

1.  We Indomaret employees and employees uphold honesty, truth and justice.

2. We promise to work diligently and sincerely.

3. We promise to work together as a team to achieve company progress

4. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

That's the text of the Indomaret Employees' promise, hopefully it's useful and hopefully you can continue to provide good service and SOPs for the company.

Body Movements When Saying Employee Promises

Previously, for those of you who don't understand the body movements in the employee pledge, below we can see how to pronounce the Indomaret Employee Pledge properly and correctly. You can watch the video clip below to make it easier to understand.

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