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7 Signs of a Damaged Laptop or Computer BIOS

7 Ciri BIOS Laptop atau Komputer Rusak

Computers and laptops are two devices that are often used today. Many people use computers and laptops to support various important activities and activities in offices, education, government, trade and even in various other fields. Apart from being used for necessary activities, computers and laptops are also often used for entertainment such as watching videos, listening to music and even playing games. Even though it is often used for various activities that support various human activities and needs, there are times when your computer and laptop are damaged.

Damage to computers and laptops can be triggered by various things, the software and hardware inside can be damaged at any time, of course this makes the owners anxious.

Generally, the damage that often occurs and many people have experienced it is due to damage to the BIOS IC of the computer or laptop so that your device goes blank or even completely dead.

Maybe you are wondering what is meant by Bios? So, the BIOS is one of the components on a laptop or computer. It can be thought of as a connecting program that can manage various actions and functions to other components in the hardware. Often the BIOS is placed next to the Rom and CMOS on computers or laptops.

To clarify the characteristics of damage to the BIOS, the following is a complete explanation.

1. Blank screen when turned on

You can easily recognize this first characteristic, namely when the computer or laptop is turned on, does the screen go blank? If yes, then the problem is with the BIOS IC which is damaged. However, for computers, it is necessary to first check the cable connecting the CPU and also the screen, whether the installation is correct or not? If it is correct but your computer is still blank, then you can be sure that the damage is due to a BIOS IC problem. However, this does not rule out the possibility that there could also be problems with the computer's CPU.

2. Keyboard not detected

A keyboard that is not detected can be caused by a BIOS that is not functioning properly. But before that, you have to do a check first to find out the cause of the problem. Is it just because the keyboard is damaged? or is it really a problem with the BIOS? You can do this by replacing the computer keyboard first with an old keyboard, then see in comparison whether it still doesn't work or whether it works again. If it still doesn't work then this is damage to the CPU, especially in the BIOS, but if your keyboard functions again when it has been replaced with an old keyboard then this is damage to the keyboard.

3. A Blue Screen occurs

This problem can arise due to damage to the BIOS of the computer or laptop when it is turned on. This problem is serious damage so that your computer or laptop cannot be used properly. You can find out if these symptoms arise by looking at the monitor or computer or laptop screen. If a condition like this is found, it is certain that the damage is in the BIOS.

4. Boot Failed

Failed to Boot is a serious problem that often occurs on your computer or laptop when the process is being started, this can result in the computer or laptop not being able to display or not being able to enter the BIOS. This is of course the cause of damage to the BIOS and Operating System ROM which must be repaired immediately.

5. Speakers have no sound

Computer or laptop speakers that don't work are one of the causes of damage to the BIOS. This can be easily recognized as the cause. You can check the speakers directly by playing audio, and try using a headset. Is it not coming out of the speakers? And those who come out actually have to use headsets? If yes, then it is certain that the problem is caused by a malfunctioning BIOS.

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