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3 Ways to Make Money from Google 2023

15 Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Google

Nowadays there are lots of business opportunities that you can run just by using the Internet. There are various types of businesses that can be done easily, of course you don't need to spend an expensive budget to start this new business.

Currently, there are various digital platforms available that provide special services so you can start a business, but the currently most popular and widely used service is Google.

Talking about Google will certainly be familiar to your ears, right? You can find Google in various activities and also the needs of the virtual world, starting from search engines, Android applications, even your own Android operating system, which cannot be separated from the name Google.

By using Google, you can start various businesses that can be run quite cheaply, or even without spending a penny. There are lots of people out there who have successfully run their businesses using just Google. However, starting this business requires a long process and struggle as the initial stages you need to go through, so that later you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Patience and tenacity are also needed so that the process can continue over time. All of these things can become a point of success so that you can make money and other big profits.

Here zhinggo.com has summarized several businesses and methods that you can use to earn income from Google, see the complete method below.

1. Google Ads

Talking about Google Ads, it is a digital platform providing the main advertising services on Google. Indeed, by using this method you do not directly get income after participating in it. However, Google ads themselves are advertisements that can be used by business people who have a business, so that the business can be advertised, apart from that, from this advertisement the company will get benefits in the form of increasing its reputation in the eyes of visitors and consumers.

Google Ads ads are like images that you have designed beforehand, of course as attractive as possible, then by paying a certain amount of money to Google Ads, you can display the ad. The benefit for your business is that you will get a large number of visits (visitors) so the profits you receive will also be it will be so much bigger. These ads are suitable for promotion, increasing sales of products & services, increasing market reach so that it is wider, or also as a way to introduce your business to the public, this method is very suitable for developing a business so that it can compete in the market.

2. Google Adsense

The second way to get money from Google is to use the service in the form of Google Adsense, almost similar to Google Ads but Google Adsense actually focuses on Publisher services which can monetize advertising from Google products such as Blogger, and also YouTube and other services.

The Google Adsense service is currently very popular among publishers. Google Adsense is able to give you quite a large income when compared to other ad publishers. This Adsene system is calculated based on CPC and the number of ad impressions. If a lot of visitors click on the ad or the number of impressions every day is large, your Adsense income will gradually increase and this is quite a tempting profit because you will get quite a large payment. If you are able to use it, this platform is suitable as a means to start a new business that you are pursuing. You can start by becoming an active writer on Blogger or a content creator on YouTube.

3. Bloggers

Blogger is a blogging service developed by Google, in which you can become a writer of articles or content such as news, opinions, magazines, books and others. Even the blogger platform can also contain e-commerce business blog services such as places to buy and sell goods or services. A blog or often referred to as a website is a platform where each owner can freely change the appearance of the theme, such as design, layout and navigation. This aims to make it SEO friendly in the eyes of visitors, both in making it easier for visitors to access it and making the website It is more attractive with features and even has various functions. Currently, there are two most well-known and widely used website creation services, such as Blogger and WordPress.

The thing you need to pay attention to when creating a blog is that the content of your website must have very good SEO rules, don't forget that the content you post must also be useful for other people so that it will make it easier for your content to enter search engines.

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