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18 List of Laptop Service Fees

18 Daftar Biaya Servis Laptop

Zhinggo.com Zhinggo.com Laptops are important devices to support various activities and needs that vary depending on the user. But what happens if the laptop you frequently use is damaged, whether the damage is caused by the user's negligence or due to other reasons. When compared to computers, laptops are actually more susceptible to damage, in fact the most frequently occurring damage includes cracks on the body, monitor, and the components inside.

Damage to a laptop can be caused by human error, such as using the laptop beyond reasonable limits, placing heavy objects on top of the laptop, due to falls, or lack of maintenance resulting in damage to the laptop. Apart from that, damage to a laptop can also be caused by factors from the laptop itself, such as components that are worn out, or the laptop has aged so it is more easily damaged.

The level of damage that occurs to a laptop is usually divided into several types, ranging from mild, moderate, to severe. In various cases, it is found that laptops suffer from minor or moderate levels of damage, sometimes the damage can be repaired by yourself without the need for service. However, in cases where the level of damage is quite severe, the laptop must be handled by a service expert immediately.

Because this laptop has quite complicated components in it, it is feared that it will make the situation worse if you do it yourself without guidance or without a service expert. Therefore, you should take it to the nearest service center to speed up repairs on your laptop so that it can recover.

Repairing a laptop to a service center will of course require costs for replacing damaged components and also handling costs. The rates charged by each laptop service service are quite varied, but the rates set are usually set depending on the level of damage and also the level of difficulty when repairing it. However, you no longer need to worry about the average price set for laptop repair service costs, because here we have summarized a complete list of laptop service costs. Check out the complete list below.

1. Cost of reinstalling the laptop

This most important cause often occurs and is one of the causes of damage that is often experienced by laptop users, generally the laptop operating system is often damaged so that the operating system is required to be reinstalled. Usually this damage can be recognized by symptoms such as problems occurring during the boot process, the appearance of a no bootable error notification, slow drivers, and a blank, black screen.

By reinstalling the laptop, all data on it will be deleted, including important data and cache. Apart from that, there is also another benefit that by reinstalling it, your laptop's operating system will return to factory settings, making the system fresher like a new laptop. This really needs to be done if your laptop is experiencing problems as mentioned above. The costs required for handling this service range from only 70 thousand - 150 thousand. This includes reinstalling drivers or software such as Microsoft and Antivirus.

2. BIOS Flash Cost

Damage to the BIOS is something that rarely happens to laptops. Usually damage to the BIOS can be identified by characteristics such as: blank screen when turned on, keyboard not detected, CD

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