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Understanding and function of SMD (Surface Mount Technology)


Pengertian dan fungsi SMD (Surface Mount Technology)
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For someone who is an expert in servicing or tinkering with electrical electronic equipment, you will definitely be familiar with SMD.


SMD (Surface Mounted Device)

is a component of modern electronics as well as a development of through hole technology which is considered quite wasteful and less efficient in using electrical power.

For this reason, new innovations began to be created as a replacement. In the 1960s, a new generation was born which was named SMD (Surface Mounted Device) and began to be developed en masse in the 1980s, until now this component is still used in the world of electronics.

This component, similar to other electronic components, can be found in various electronic devices such as computers, laptops, cellphones and other electronic devices.

SMD is a component that consists of various vital tools in it such as inductors, capacitors, resistors, transistors, ICs, LEDs and other components and is characterized by not having special wires as legs.

To find out information or read SMD components that have various functions, you can usually look at the surface of the component, where letters or codes are placed as important information that you need to know.

The following are the codes for SMD (Surface Mounted Device) components

1. Resistors

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Resistors function to inhibit or block the flow of electric current in components.

You can calculate SMD resistors manually, but to shorten time and minimize calculation errors, it is better to use the application that we have provided below.


2. Capacitor

Capacitors function to store, filter, regulate electricity in components.

The sizes of this type of capacitor range from 0603 to 1206.

Usually SMD type capacitors are made from ceramic type materials, use 1pF to 1uF, have positive and negative electrodes - you can also see information about these capacitors on the outside marked with the letters A to E.

3. Transistors

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A transistor is a semiconductor device that functions as a current amplifier, stabilizing current voltage, and as a connector and circuit breaker in electricity.

The one most widely used today is the SOT23 type transistor and this type of SOT223 is often found in various electronic devices.

4. I.C

An IC is an integrated circuit or chip consisting of resistors, transistors and other components. Usually an IC named SO8, SO14, SOIC8, and SOIC16 is embedded in electronic devices.


SMD TQFP is very strong and sturdy, of course this will make ordering easier, TQFP has 100 to 144 pins, while the PQFP type has 208 to 240 points, but this type of PQFP has different materials from TQFP so it will be more difficult when ordering.

4. BGA

The SMA BGA has a special board beneath the printed circuit which is coated with mounds of solder.

This round solder is made from solder adhesive when the ball is being ovened so that it will melt and become a round lump like that. The distance between the round lumps or balls is usually around 0.8 to 1.27mm.

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