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Punderstanding and How to Manage the Complete Death Act!

Pengertian dan Cara Mengurus Akta Kematian Lengkap!

A death certificate is an important document issued by a state institution, namely the population service, as proof of legally determining a person's death status. If someone in our family dies, it is mandatory to immediately report it to government institutions such as the village/sub-district office or the police, so that later the report can be brought and submitted to Disdukcapil as the institution that has the right to legally issue death certificates. Disdukcapil will later process and create new population data such as certificates and remove the population status (NIK and KK) on the basis of someone who has died.

If someone in the family dies, immediately make a death certificate. A Death Certificate can be made without having to spend any money, in other words, making this certificate is free. Apart from that, the process of making a Death certificate is very practical and fast. The time required to make a Death certificate takes a minimum of 14 days to complete, before it is handed over to the heirs and related families.

Making a death certificate is not without reason, because it is very important for the deceased and his heirs. Then why do you have to take care of a death certificate? The following are the complete reasons and benefits.

1. Determination of Widow/Widower Status

The first benefit of a death status document is that it functions as a determination of widow or widower status for someone whose husband or wife has died. This proof is required as a legal requirement for remarriage. This requirement is also very necessary, especially for those of you who work as government employees.

2. Distribution of Inheritance Rights

The second function and benefit of this death certificate is as a requirement for the distribution of rights to inherited property such as land, which is given to the wife or husband or children.

3. Taking care of retirees

As a means for managing retirement for his heirs.

4. As an allowance

Lastly, it is an important requirement in managing condolence money, accident benefits, Taspen, Insurance, Banking and Pensioners.

How to Manage a Death Certificate for a Death in Hospital?

If someone in your family or relative dies in hospital, the steps to obtain a death certificate are as follows:

1. A certificate will be provided by the doctor.

2. Next, a cover letter will be taken by the local RT/RW so that it will be submitted to the sub-district or village.

3. After being submitted to the sub-district or village, you are required to fill out form F-2.29 so that later you will receive a certificate regarding the death of the deceased.

4. Carry out the separation process on the Family Card (KK). Who died, whether the head of your family or not? If you are not the head of the family, you need to prepare a photocopy of the KTP of the heirs, witnesses, family card and original death certificate. However, if the person who dies is the head of your family, what you need to prepare is to separate the family card.

5. Obtain a death certificate from the local sub-district or village,

6. The final stage is that you have to go to the Population and Civil Registration Service (Disdukcapil) to report the death certificate of the deceased together with the relevant witnesses, apart from that you also need to bring proof of the witness' identity.

How to Manage a Death Certificate at Home?

If a relative dies at home, what you need to do to get a death certificate is as follows:

1. The first thing is to get a certificate from the nearest community health center, a certificate provided by this community health center as the official source of a replacement certificate for the hospital.

2. You must also prepare a photocopy of the deceased's family card, whether the deceased is the head of your family or not.

3. Prepare your identity as a supporter with the two witnesses by bringing a photocopy of your Family Card and KTP to be taken to Disdukcapil accompanied by the two witnesses.

How to process a death certificate for someone who has died a long time ago?

If any of your family, relatives or relatives have died for quite a long time because previously there were obstacles that prevented you from having the time to make a death certificate. So as an heir you need to make preparations as follows.

1. Bring photocopy of your identity card, this proof is required as a reporter.

2. Also bring a photocopy of your family card and ID card as evidence from relevant witnesses. Bring at least 2 witnesses representing the family or relatives of the deceased.

3. Apart from these things that need to be paid attention to, you also need to get a statement given by the local RT/RW.

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