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Prevent the Dangers of Smartphone Radiation Immediately with these 7 Ways

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Zhinggo Smartphones are an important necessity nowadays, there are many activities that can be done just by using a smartphone, but have you ever thought about the dangers of using smartphones unconsciously? Maybe you often underestimate this, but this is very bad for your health because of exposure to radiation emitted by your smartphone when it is connected to a network or signal. Moreover, you should always be careful when using a smartphone, especially as we know that continuous radiation emissions will be very dangerous for the health of the human body. Excessive radiation radiation can cause serious complications, diseases that can result include fertility problems in men, dizziness, insomnia, and the most severe impact can cause cancer and even brain damage.

Therefore, it is best to limit frequent use of smartphones and also follow the following steps to prevent this from happening.

It is best to take the following steps to anticipate the dangerous effects of exposure to smartphone radiation by doing the following.

1. Keep the smartphone away from your ear

When making a telephone call, usually what is often done is to hold the smartphone to the ear so that the voice can be heard clearly, but this method is very wrong. The best way is to amplify the speakers on your cellphone by using a loudspeaker or using a headset so that the sound can be heard clearly and avoid the harmful effects of radiation that radiates to the brain.

2. Activate Airplane Mode

Using airplane mode occasionally when your smartphone is not in use or you want to keep it in your trouser pocket is very important to avoid exposure to dangerous radiation. Activating airplane mode is the same as deactivating the network connection. This can completely cut off radiation exposure so that the smartphone can be stored safely either in your trouser pocket or when you are not using it.

3. Avoid the bad habit of playing with your smartphone while sleeping

The habit of playing with your smartphone while sleeping turns out to have a bad effect on your body's health. Apart from causing radiation exposure, playing with a smartphone while lying down is actually very risky, especially exposure to blue light which can damage the eyes. Therefore, you should avoid using your smartphone for too long when lying down.

4. Avoid using your smartphone while charging

Using a smartphone while charging is very risky, apart from causing damage to the battery, playing with a smartphone while charging is also very risky, increasing exposure to radioactive waves which are very high and also dangerous. Therefore, it is a good idea to charge your smartphone first before using it.

5. Avoid using a smartphone when the signal is low

Using a smartphone when the network or signal strength is poor can cause quite high radiation exposure. This is because your cellphone will be forced to maintain signal stability when the network is not good. To prevent this, it's a good idea to always use a SIM card with a good enough network so that you can avoid the risk of quite dangerous radiation.

6. Avoid using smartphones in the morning

When you first wake up in the morning, it's a good idea not to use your smartphone straight away, especially while surfing the internet, this is to prevent the effects of radiation and exposure to blue light on your smartphone. Because when you wake up, the radiation emission is quite high. Apart from that, your eyes are not ready to receive bright enough light from a smartphone, let alone exposure to blue light which can damage your eyes.

7. Use your smartphone only sparingly

To reduce the effects of smartphone radiation on your body, one way is to use your smartphone sparingly. You can reduce the number of calls and messages sent, as well as reduce the time you spend using your smartphone. Apart from that, you can also manage the time you use your smartphone, for example by using your cell phone only when necessary, and reducing the time you use your cell phone at night or before bed. In this way, you can prevent excessive smartphone radiation from affecting your body.

These are some steps to anticipate the dangers of radioactive emissions on smartphones, hopefully they are useful.

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