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How to Make Your Own Font on an Android Phone

Cara Membuat Font Sendiri di Hp Android

For those of you who frequently change fonts, both the default ones on your gadget, it looks like you have visited the right website because here I will share with you how to change the font on your Android cellphone or computer to suit your wishes and you can even make it yourself, you know. Want to know how? Check out the following complete information?

What Are Fonts?

A font is a set or collection of characters that have a unique shape and size but are different for each type. Fonts are used to display text on Android or other devices.

Each font has its own characteristics, such as typeface, width, height, thickness and style. When fonts are frequently encountered, there are many types of fonts available, such as serif, sans-serif, monospace, and others. Fonts can be used to change the style and appearance of text, helping to create an exotic impression for readers. Apart from that, fonts are also useful for improving writing that looks ugly, such as the default font Roboto. In my opinion, this font is very impressive and you will get bored if you use it continuously. It's a good idea to change it to a much better font.

How to Make Your Own Font with an Android Phone?

In fact, you can not only download fonts via site providers on the internet, however, currently many cool applications have emerged that can help you create a font according to your wishes. You can also adjust the characters such as size, type, thickness and style according to your wishes, later this font can be applied to your Android system or can also be used as a font to create certain documents and applications.

Previously, Google had provided fonts of various types which you could download via a browser with the link, but the difference was that you could only choose this font and download it directly, of course this was the work of the developer. Meanwhile, if you make it directly using the application, you can create it according to your wishes, of course this is very interesting.

Steps on How to Make Your Own Font on Android & iOS

1. Install the Fonty application

Install it first by downloading the Fonty application on Playstore for free. The Fonty application is a mobile application that allows users to browse and install various types of fonts onto their devices or certain applications and documents. This application is also available and can be installed for Android and iOS devices. Apart from that, this application also offers a variety of font styles, including hand, cursive, and decorative fonts. With Fonty, users can preview and install fonts on their devices according to their taste. Fonty is a trusted application that has several good ratings and has been downloaded by more than 1 million users.

2. Open the Fonty Application

If the download process is complete, open the application and make sure you have allowed all storage access so that this application can run and can be used.

3. Create New Font

In the start menu you will be presented with two buttons. Select the button by clicking new to create a new font according to your wishes.

4. Enter detailed information on the font

Filling in this information will appear shortly after you press the new button, you will be faced with a form that must be filled in, such as font name, creator, contact, and also language. Fill in these details and leave the language section as the default, namely English, don't change it.

5. Writing Fonts

The next stage you are asked to write your creative font on a template page, write the letters starting from A-Z, make sure when writing you don't exceed the final limit so that later the font looks neater.

6. Setting the font thickness

At the bottom of the menu there is an option for setting the font so you can adjust the thickness of the font itself. Do this step if necessary, and later your font will be much clearer and thicker or thinner.

7. Preview Fonts

Preview Font functions to see the font that was created earlier. Will the results be good or not? If you feel it is not satisfactory then you can edit it again. To activate this preview function, you can click on the logo arrow to the right so that your font letters from A-Z will appear.

8. Done

If you have done all the steps above then everything is finished. The font will be stored in the device's memory space in the Fonty > Font folder. You can check if all the fonts have been successfully saved. And the fonts are ready for you to apply to your device font needs, applications, documents and more.

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