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How to Easily Delete Google & Gmail Accounts

Currently, almost all Android devices and PCs use a Google account to gain access to various selected services and applications. With a Google account you can also save login information tied to Gmail and also account passwords for services that require access to a Google account.

But behind all that, there are lots of people who want to delete their Google and Gmail accounts for several clear reasons, maybe because they use quite a lot of Google accounts or more than one account so you need to delete them, it could also be because there are important issues like you want to sell a smartphone. or laptop so you must first delete the Google account for security reasons.

However, you often have difficulty deleting your Google account because the method is a little complicated. However, you don't need to worry, here we will share how to delete a Google account on a cellphone or laptop quickly and easily, see the complete method below.

How to Delete Google and Gmail Accounts on a Laptop

To delete your Google Account using a laptop, you first need to do the following steps.

1. Go to Google Chrome.

2. In the top right corner there is a Google account, then click it.

3. Then click "Manage Your Google Account"

4. Next you will be directed to the Google Account section and just select the "Data & Privacy" option

5. Next you just need to select "Other Options" and click "Delete Google account" to continue,

6. Enter your password and check all important questions, then your Google and Gmail accounts will be permanently deleted.

How to Delete a Google Account with an Android Phone

Next, these are the steps to easily delete your Google account on your cellphone.

1. Go to your smartphone settings.

2. Look for the "Account and Backup" menu or if it isn't there then look for "Google"

3. If you have found it, click and select manage account,

4. Select the Google account you want to delete,

5. Click delete Google account.

Remote Delete a remote Google account

Deleting a Google account remotely using a remote can be done if your cellphone is stolen or lost. To maintain the security of your personal identity, it's a good idea to delete your Google account. Here are the steps.

1. Use another device to sign in to Google me

2. Log in by logging into your Google account using your password and password,

3. Select to "Manage Google Account"

4. Go to the "Security" page

5. The next step you have to select "Manage Devices" so you will know which devices are still connected to your Google account,

6. Select the device that was previously lost and then select access to the account so you can delete it immediately,

7. Then the Google account on the lost device has been successfully deleted.


Before deleting your Google Account, it's a good idea to back up your data first, this is important. If you have important data, you can back it up so that it can be recovered later before deleting the data permanently.

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