Fix Unable GPU Pes 2017

the PES 2017 game is still very popular with gamers, because indeed PES 2017 can still be said to be friendly with medium laptop specifications, but,,

fix unable GPU pes 2017

Who doesn't know the pro evolution soccer game

This soccer game, which was first released in 1995, has become very popular in this era.
the first time this game was intended for the play station console, but because this pro evolution soccer game is very popular, it has spread to all gadgets. so that it can be played wherever you are.

Game made by konami corporation

Until now it has reached the PES 2021 version, and maybe it will continue to improve the version, and the fans now cover all walks of life, from children to the elderly.

Among PC or laptop gamers, the latest pro evolution soccer game is very much in a hurry, and they are competing to be able to install it on their favorite laptop or PC, of course it will be very fun to play it.

setting pes 2017

But problems arise for friends whose laptop or PC does not meet the specifications,
at least don't dream of being able to install and play the latest version of the pro evolution soccer game, because the newer version of pro evolution soccer will require laptop or PC specifications with super high specifications.

but this confusion can be relieved a little with the 2017 version of Pro Evolution Soccer, because the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is still friendly with laptops and PCs whose specifications are relatively low, and the good news is that patches are still available to update player transfers so that they are always updated.

there are still problems that we often face when playing pro evolution games on our favorite laptop or PC,
namely the GPU of a laptop or PC is often unreadable, so the graphics that are displayed when we play the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 are not optimal, because we cannot choose high performance.


But, calm down...
there are still many roads to rome, we can make the GPU on our laptop or PC readable, so we can enjoy playing the pro evolution soccer game with high settings.
How to..?!
First, friend, first download the file that I will provide at the end of this article.
after downloading, extract the file..
instal phdgds

After extracting,
my friend can immediately install it, just click next with the default settings only ..

browse drive c

Then after installing,
access drive C on your laptop or PC, on drive C your laptop or PC there will be a virtual vram tools folder

in that folder there will be three files, click the file as shown above.
then after that restart your laptop or PC..

setting pes 2017

After your laptop or PC is on perfectly,
access the pes2017 folder where you installed it,,,
if I install PES 2017 on drive D,,
then access the PES 2017 settings as shown above with run administrator..
setting gpu pes 2017

The GPU, which used to be red, has turned yellow, which means it has been read in the PES 2017 game...
and the pes2017 game can be set to high,,
I have practiced the method above on an Asus i3 laptop with 4GB of RAM, a Geforce 820 graphics card with a Windows 10 operating system.
Thus the tutorial for fixing the PES 2017 gpu is unreadable or undetected, please download the file below...
good luck