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7 List of the Best Custom Room Cellphones Version 2023

Custom ROMs are modified versions of the operating system for Android devices. Custom ROMs are developed by developers or commercially by large companies. This ROM can add other functions and sophistications that your phone previously didn't have, including performance improvements and customization options and removing unwanted system and applications, such as bloatware.

Custom ROMs can be installed on your Android system, replacing the default ROM from the manufacturer. Custom roms are generally easier to install than custom recoveries like Team Win Recovery (TWRP) and Clock World Mood (CWM).

The ROM itself is developed by a third party and usually has additional features, increased performance or battery life, or other modifications not found in the manufacturer's original firmware or distributed by Google which includes all forms of supporting additional applications and other features.

In this article, we will provide several recommended rooms for all of you who want to experience the unique features and advantages of these rooms, including:

1. Lineage Os

Lineage Os is a custom room which is currently in great demand because of its popularity. This room is called the most stable and battery efficient. Apart from that, this custom room can also be installed starting from Android 7, even now there is a new update for Android version 12 and above, interestingly there are several features. performance balancing has been improved. You can also install apps that are rooted or with system-tweaked modifications to give access to root permissions, as well as other unique features.

2. Carbon OS ROM

Carbon Os is a custom ROM that has been around for a long time and is now very popular which comes with many features such as a floating feature menu that can be hidden or shown at any time, the option to change the color of your status bar icon, the option to change the theme on your phone's pages and many more other advantages too.

3. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is an extraordinary Android room customization that offers several setting options including changing themes and modes (choose between dark or light themes), setting the layout of your navigation icons, this room has an elegant side in terms of appearance besides that it is also quite responsive when used and many other things.

4. CyanogenMo.d

CyanogenMod has a MISSION working hard to make their ROM far superior to its competitors. This is no longer just about appearance, it is even oriented towards all important aspects of development, but must have a complete set of other benefits and advantages to make it an excellent choice for everyone. Even though CyanogenMod development has now stopped and been replaced by Lineage Os, the loyalty of this room's users still exists today, especially Android 8 users and below.

5. Corvus

This Corvus custom room is designed to be as attractive as possible with a stunning appearance and layout, apart from that, this room is also known as the room for gamers, you know. It's not without reason that this has been tested on Antutu Backmark and the results show that the original rooms compared to the custom rooms from Corvus have quite a significant increase in performance.

However, this room has stopped being developed due to rumors circulating regarding financial fraud and one of the developers from Indonesia was also involved in becoming a victim in this matter.

6. Havoc Os

Havos Os is a custom room among the many in the world that is among the best, that's because every feature in this room is very supportive and complete. Apart from that, this ROM is considered light and stable and has minimal bugs. Speed and performance are the main priorities for this ROM.

7. Nusantara Project

Reflecting on the name, surely you have already had this room, right?

Yep, the Nusantara Project is a development ROM created by the nation's children which is known to many custom room lovers. This room can be said to be quite attractive in terms of appearance, apart from that, the features included are also very complete. The Nusantara project is equipped with a charging station and there is no need to doubt its performance. The development of the Nusantara project is so massive that every month, every type of cellphone brand always has the latest operating system update. Therefore, Mimin suggests that the Nusantara project is the best room so far, especially for those of you who like gaming.

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