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Understanding Pre-Orders, Advantages and Disadvantages Discussed Completely

Zhinggo.com Pre-order is a business model that requires the buyer to pay a certain amount of money first to the seller before the goods can be processed and sent to the buyer's location, this is in accordance with the initial agreement made between the seller and the buyer.

Currently, there are many entrepreneurs who have run this Pre-Order business, especially for beginner entrepreneurs. Apart from the very small business capital required, in fact this business can also be run without any capital. Goods stocked by sellers are not purchased directly but have been provided by vendors from other companies that have been collaborated with.

However, this business still has shortcomings where buyers have to wait a long time, even days, to wait for the goods to arrive at the buyer's place. The delivery process takes a long time due to the recipient's location being quite far away so it takes a short time on the way.

However, you don't need to worry anymore, because below we have presented it to you as a Pre-order entrepreneur so you can provide the best service to buyers, check out the tips below.

1. Prioritize Product Quality

The most important thing to pay attention to is product quality. Make sure the quality of the product is really in good condition so that when the item reaches the consumer's hands the product is still in fairly healthy condition. However, if the seller doesn't pay attention to this, what happens if the buyer has been waiting for an order for a long time but when it arrives it is damaged? Of course, this is a disappointment for the buyer, and at the same time the loss could be a loss for the sale.

2. Choose a Trusted Vendor

Choosing a vendor is very important, therefore business owners should work with vendors who are trusted so they can provide products with the best and guaranteed quality.

Also choose products from vendors by looking at market comparisons. Will the product sell or not!? Don't forget that as a pre-order entrepreneur, you are required to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product before choosing the right vendor.

3. Promote Products

Promoting products is indeed important for companies. Apart from encouraging increased sales, it also promotes the products offered by the company, allowing it to be widely known by audiences in various regions. Of course, this is an effective sales strategy. You can start by creating an interesting promotion about your PO product, then spread the promotion via billboards or social media. The information conveyed must be interesting, for example using the words limited, hurry, discount, free shipping, all of which can attract consumers to buy your PO product.

4. Explain the Order Flow

Maybe many consumers don't know about selling pre-order (PO) goods. It would be best for you as a company to explain this in detail to every consumer who asks. The information that must be submitted includes the understanding and conditions for purchasing products via PO, information about your shop regarding the opening to closing schedule, information about the product, shipping information and payment methods.

5. Achieve Sales Targets

Sales targets are very important, a business needs sales targets so that the business it runs can increase, this can also encourage the business to grow further. However, if you start a business from scratch, the target must be in accordance with the condition of human resources and other things. Start with the lowest targets first, if your company continues to grow then the targets must be further increased, this is done so that the company's achievements can continue to grow bigger in order to gain profits and achieve achievement after achievement.

6. Open a PO on a certain day

There are many times that you should not miss as a Pre-Order business owner, certain times such as important days which are commemorative on every calendar in Indonesia. You can also pre-order at the beginning of each month or at the end of the month, because at that time it is a regular sales technique when other people are getting wages or salaries.

7. Address the number of Orders

As a PO business owner, you should be able to handle the large number of orders from consumers. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be prepared with existing human resources (HR). Don't be overwhelmed because the number of workers is too small so that many orders pile up. Workers are also required to be alert and agile in serving existing order requests.

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