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Procedures for Proper and Proper Care of a Computer Keyboard

Cara Merawat Keyboard Komputer yang Baik dan Benar Supaya Tetap Awet

Computers are a very important tool, with these sophisticated computers, all types of difficult work will be easily completed effectively. Nowadays, there are many jobs in the digital world that require users to be skilled at running computers well.

However, due to frequent use, the computer and its components will quickly become damaged, especially the most frequent damage to the keyboard.

The keyboard is hardware that has an important role for the computer, namely its function for typing letters, numbers, symbols and other commands.

However, this hardware is the most sensitive tool, if it is not treated well the computer keyboard will quickly become damaged and can even cause the buttons to not function when pressed.

So, if you want your computer keyboard to remain durable and functional, users must take good care of it. Computer owners can take preventative steps that can be done easily. Therefore, see the complete way to keep your computer keyboard maintained and durable by following the steps below.

1. Use a Security Cover on the Keyboard

Keyboard Security Cover or Cover is an important and even very useful tool that you can install on your favorite computer keyboard. By using this tool, your computer keyboard will be safe from dirt, dust and liquids which can cause serious damage to the keyboard. Apart from that, you can buy this tool directly through the nearest online shop or accessories counter at a relatively affordable price.

2. Don't press too hard

Please also pay attention when pressing the keyboard, don't press it too hard because this can cause damage to the keyboard. Type slowly and don't rush so that the keyboard stays in good condition.

3. Avoid liquids

Liquid that seeps into the keyboard can cause a short circuit so that the keyboard can be damaged. So the precautionary step is to avoid all ingredients that contain water, for example drinking water, or coffee. Try to keep these drinks at a distance from the computer when you use them. This can minimize the impact of spills or splashes of water that you accidentally spill, if you provide distance between all types of drinks or materials that contain liquids, this will minimize the occurrence of short circuits or damage due to water spills on the keyboard.

4. Backup Keyboard

For those of you who like playing games, of course don't make the wrong choice when using the type of keyboard, especially using an internal keyboard which is usually used for everyday purposes, of course this will cause the keyboard to break quickly. Therefore, it is best to use a spare keyboard specifically for playing games. Currently, there are many special gaming keyboards available for purchase.

5. Keep the keyboard clean

Keeping the keyboard clean and free of dirt is one of the most important steps that can be done easily. You can use a brush to reach every narrow crevice on the keyboard to remove stuck-on dirt. Apart from that, you can also use a cloth mixed with a little wet with a little antiseptic liquid to clean the dirty outside, but be careful not to get it too wet. Because you are afraid of components that normally have an electric current flowing through them, don't forget to turn off the computer while cleaning is taking place. By administering antiseptics you can also prevent germs and bacteria that can cause disease.

Follow the steps below as steps to clean your computer keyboard so that it is clean and safe when used.

Shootdown your computer first

Remove the electrical plug connector

Unplug the plug so that electricity does not flow

Disconnect the plug on the keyboard if it is still connected to the computer

Take the keyboard then use a blower or vacuum cleaner to clean the outside of the keyboard

Use a blower or vacuum cleaner while pressing each key to clean the dust stuck between the keyboards

Use a cloth mixed with sufficient alcohol or anti-bacterial liquid

Clean it by using the cloth on the keyboard keys up to the edges by rubbing gently

Do this cleaning thoroughly, both the front and back of the keyboard

If all stages are complete, the keyboard can be used again. A keyboard that has been cleaned will look cleaner, besides being safer from bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases.

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