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How to restore permanently deleted photos on all Android phones

Photos are considered by some people to be very valuable, this is because a photo has its own significance and meaning, especially taking photos while accompanied by exotic natural nuances, or also taking photos with family, girlfriends and friends, these are all the most beautiful moments that cannot be missed. replaceable. Apart from being photo memories, they can also be used as your personal collection which can be kept at any time.

But what happens if the photos you have saved so far are simply deleted? Of course this is something that makes you disappointed, right? All the memories in the photo just disappeared, especially since the owner accidentally deleted the photo.

But don't worry, there's no need to worry, in fact deleted photos can be recovered using the tips we provide. It turns out that your smart smartphone can restore important files such as photos so that they can recover as before. Apart from that, there are also those who use additional applications that can be downloaded via Playstore. This method is very effective for dealing with your deleted photos so they can be recovered. Want to know the complete method? Check out the following review on how to restore deleted photos without the need to use additional applications.

1. Recycle Bin

This first method is quite effective for dealing with your deleted photos. This method can be done without needing to install an application because there is a built-in feature on your smartphone which is usually embedded in the settings menu which is usually used to restore all types of deleted files. The following are the steps that need to be taken.

Go to the gallery on your Smartphone,

Select the more or settings menu,

If you find the option "Show the Recycle Bin at The Folder Screen" or one entitled Trash then just press it.

Wait a few minutes until the deleted photos can be seen again,

Select the photos you want to restore or you can select them all.

Select the more or settings menu,

Then select deleted photos by pressing the restore button.

2. How to restore photos on a Xiaomi cellphone

Make sure you have an MI account beforehand so that this process can be successful.

Go to Gallery,

After that, select the Three Dots menu at the top right,

Select the settings menu,

If you are logged in then turn on automatic synchronization.

At the bottom there is an Additional Settings Menu then just click the "Trash" button to see all the photos that have previously been deleted.

After that, click "Recover" so that all the deleted files can be recovered.

3. How to restore photos on Oppo cellphones

Go To Gallery,

Select the Album menu in the Gallery,

Next, you just need to scroll until you are at the bottom, then the "Recently Deleted" option will appear.

Click the "Recently Deleted"  option to see all the photos you recently deleted,

Select several photos you want to restore, if so, click restore.

4. How to restore deleted photos on Samsung cellphones

Enter the settings menu on Android

Scroll down a bit and look for the "Account & Backup" menu. If you find it, click it.

When you have been directed to enter, all you have to do is select "Samsung Cloud"

Next There are several options here, you just need to select "Restore Data".

Scroll and find "Gallery" then click to continue this stage,

The final step, just tap the "Automatic Sync" option, then the deleted photos will automatically be restored and recovered as before.

This process may take several minutes, please do not cancel before all processes have been completed.

5. How to Restore Deleted Photos on Vivo Cellphones

Open the Vivo Cloud application on your Android device,

If you are logged in then you can recover lost files such as photos,

After selecting several photos, then you can restore them.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Using Additional Applications

If you want to recover files but there is no junk file recovery tool available on your Android device, then another alternative is to install an additional application which you can download via Playstore or browser. The following are recommendations for the best photo recovery applications in 2023, including:

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a Gallery application provided by Google, most of today's sophisticated smartphones have Google Photos directly installed in their Android system so you no longer need to download it via Playstore. This application can also be used to recover deleted photos. The steps to recover the following photos include:

First enter the Google Photos application.

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