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How to Join Google Meet on a Cellphone or Laptop Easily Google meet is an application that is often used to hold online meetings or conferences. However, to use it you definitely need a device such as a laptop or Android cellphone so that it can run well.

To join the Meeting channel via Google meetings, you only need to get an invitation link which is usually provided by the Event Provider. This link can be obtained through direct or indirect invitation, you can get it via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and so on. If you have received the invitation link, you can immediately join so you can take part in the virtual meeting.

Unlike Android, if you use a laptop, you no longer need to install the Google Meet application, because it can be accessed directly using just a web browser. The following is a step by step that can be done so that you can join Google Meet, see the explanation below.

How to join Google Meet via Android cellphone

1. The first step, install Google Meet which you can download via Playstore.

2. Open the Google Meet Application.

3. At the initial stage, when you open it, the information "Welcome to Meet" will appear. You just need to tap the continue button.

4. After that, you are instructed to connect your Google account so you can register for Google Meet.

5. When you have successfully registered with your Google account, just look for the invitation link that was shared.

6. Click the invitation link either via social media or your browsing so you can be directed directly to the Google Meet application,

7. If you have been directed to the application, you will be asked to join so you can take part in the meeting.

8. Also select the Present menu to take part in the presentation with everyone present at the meeting. This can also activate the camera on your cellphone so you can meet face to face by showing your face directly.

How to Join Google Meet via Laptop Without Application

1. Head to Chrome

2. Open the invitation link provided to gain entry access. You can get this invitation code via social media such as Wa, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and others.

3. If you have opened the link, you will automatically be directed to the official Google Meet website

4. You will be asked to log in first using your Google Account.

5. If you have logged in, you only need to click Join then you can immediately join the meeting with the other invited participants present.

Those are tips on how to join Google Meet, how easy it is, right? The thing you need to pay attention to is how to get a link, where you can get the link. If so far you don't know or haven't been given a link to take part in the invitation, then you should contact the event creator so that you can get the link and be able to enter to join the meeting via Google Meet.

These are our tips, hopefully they are useful. Don't forget to comment if you have questions about this article. That's all from us, hopefully it can be useful.

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