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How to Create a Website on Google Sites

Cara Membuat Website di Google Sites

In the current era of modernization, many companies are flocking to create websites to increase their success in business. There are various ways to do this, either by selling products, promoting them, or as a way to improve the company's reputation in the eyes of consumers, all of this is done just by using a website.

The advantage of a website is that it can reach a wider audience, not just local people, there could be buyers from abroad who are interested in buying products promoted or sold by the company via the website. In fact, the most important thing about using a website for this business is that you don't need to spend quite a lot of money to get started if you want to start a business from scratch.

However, it is not only used in organizational or business matters, websites are actually suitable for use for someone's (personal) needs.

There are many website creation tools today, including Google Sites, which can be used to help you design and publish websites more easily and efficiently.

Understanding and learning how to create a website with Google Site will make it easier for you to understand and understand the stages and how to create it.

So what is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a tool designed by Google that functions as a means of creating websites, can be used by professionals or beginners who are just learning. This website creation tool is very useful for individuals, organizations or companies who want to build digital access to increase consumer presence. However, many experienced professionals also create websites for internal communication purposes within their organization or company. Google Sites is available in free or paid options. For those of you who want to create a website with Google Sites, see the steps below.

1. Open the Google Site

First go to Google Search then type "" Then you go to the site page.

2. Create a new site

After you enter the web creation tool, you can choose to click start a new site or other methods, the method is very easy, you just need to click the plus sign ( ), which is at the bottom right of the display. On this page, templates are provided for the website design you want, you can choose one of them. This menu template is usually located at the top of the web page.

3. Enter the page title

The website you want to create by writing it in the  "Page Title" section.

4. Give a name to the site domain

Look for the enter site name column and give a name to the site you want, try to give it a name that is suitable for your site.

5. Upload a cover photo

Upload a cover photo of your website by clicking change Image, use the cover photo to later be used as an identity characteristic for your website.

6. Review your website

Once you've added your web pages and content, it's a good idea to click on website preview. This is to ensure whether the images, theme, background, color scheme, or other content on your website is appropriate or not, if you feel it is not adjusted enough then you can edit it again. To preview a website, you can select the "Preview" button near the top of the web page. This button looks like it has a logo similar to a smartphone device.

10. Publish your site

You can publish the website once everything is complete. To publish a website. You can click the "Publish" button at the top right of the web page. After the site has actually published, a notification will appear in the form of a pop-up window.

This pop-up window allows you to preview your website's URL again, so you can understand what it will look like after publishing it.

When it has been published, the website is ready to use.

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