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8 Ways to Solve Google Drive Can't Download Files

Google Drive is an application that is currently popular, apart from being used for cloud-based storage purposes, Google Drive is also often used by its users to share and download files contained in it.

But what happens if the Google Drive that you have been using cannot be accessed or cannot download the file? Of course, this problem is often experienced by some people. This is usually caused by various reasons so that you cannot access the file.

But don't worry, here we will give you the best solution, so you can continue to download the files contained in it. Continue reading the steps and tips that we provide below.

1. Create a Google Drive Account

Before you download, create a Google Drive account first, the method is very easy, you only need to log in to Google Drive, after that you will be directed to the Login menu. When logging in you only need to select your Google account after that Drive is ready to use. Creating a Google Drive account is very easy to do, it doesn't need to take a long time, because it will be synchronized directly with your Google account.

2. Go to the Destination Link

Usually files shared by other people have a link that is directed to Google Drive, and later the link can be a file or an application that you can download later. Also make sure that other people who share the link have set it to not be restricted so that it can be accessed by other people so they can download it. Links like this are usually shared by other people via websites, social media, YouTube or other places.

3. Request access permission

Some links on Google Drive are shared publicly and some are private or restricted. If the link is shared publicly, you can download it directly.

However, if you cannot download the file in the link, there is a possibility that the Google Drive owner who shares the file only with certain people (limited), must ask the owner for approval so that the file can be downloaded.

Therefore, you should first ask for access permission from the owner of the link, this method is done so that you can get access permission and can download the files contained in it.

If you have asked for permission to access the file, then check the email that comes in. Usually there will be a notification that you have been marked and have permission to access the file so that it can be downloaded.

4. Downloading Files

Actually, the main problem with Google Drive is that it cannot download files directly to your device's memory, but must first be transferred to your Google Drive account, so that the files only exist in cloud storage, not in device memory. This usually happens to several files such as folders, documents, photos, music, videos, applications or other files that cannot be downloaded directly.

To overcome this, it is quite easy, follow the steps below so that you can still download files directly to your device's storage memory. The steps that need to be taken are as follows:

Download the file via the link shared by the previous owner,

Login to Google Drive,

On the "Recommended" page, look for the file that was downloaded earlier, usually it is always at the top of the selection

If you have found it, then click the three-dot menu on the right of the downloaded file.

Next you click "Send Copy"

Then the display will show the folders where there are options for sharing. But you only need to select a folder so that the file can be copied to the device memory.

After selecting Folder you will be asked to choose a storage location, just select "Internal Storage" or "SD Card" if available.

The final stage, you just have to choose where you want to place the file? Then click "Paste" all steps are completed. The file is already placed in your Phone's Internal Storage.

5. Storage Too Full

If the method above doesn't work, it's possible that the next problem will come from your device running out of storage memory so it can't download files, especially files that are quite large in size. How to solve this: Check your device first, is the storage memory full or is there still enough space available? If the cause is that the memory is too full, you can first delete storage memory such as applications, files or photos that are considered less important on your device before downloading again.

6. Check Internet Connectivity

A stable internet network when downloading files on Google Drive is very important! Because when the Internet network is weak, what happens is that the downloaded file will also fail or stop suddenly. This thing

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