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4 Ways to Overcome Google Drive Requesting Access Permission

4 Cara Mengatasi Google Drive Minta Izin Akses

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage application that makes it easy for users to save data or re-download files they have saved. Google Drive can also be used to back up important data on your smartphone. This type of storage is of course different from the memory storage on your smartphone device.

Google Drive carries cloud-based storage space, which is a very safe type of storage, even if the data stored has been stored for a long time, even for years, apart from that, users can also restore the data so that it can be recovered in smartphone storage.

WhatsApp has actually used Google Drive as an effort to back up important data in it which automatically backs up every month. That way, you don't need to worry if all your activities such as chats, telephone numbers or statuses on WhatsApp are lost, because with Google Drive all data can be automatically saved. Users can also restore their data when logging in to WhatsApp.

But what happens if your Google Drive experiences problems such as "Google Drive Requests Access Permission" when you want to use it, of course this will make you wonder why this could happen? So how do you solve it? First of all, see the following explanation.

On some Android devices, a notification will appear stating that Google Drive requires permission to be able to access the application. You don't need to worry because this is a very normal thing, all applications of course need access to the Android system so they can run normally. This is also a security priority for Google Drive so you can access and view system information on your Android.

The following is a way to deal with Google Drive asking for access permission so that it can be resolved.

1. Allow access

When you first open Google, information about a notification will appear that the application requires access. All you need to do is allow everything so that the application can be used.

2. Open Application Settings

If the first time you enter Google Drive you deny all access because you don't know or accidentally deny all access, don't worry, this application can still be done by doing the following steps.

Go to phone Settings

Go to Manage Applications

Search in search by typing "Drive" then click

Select Application Permissions

Allow all access to both storage, contacts and location

Done, you can try it immediately by accessing the application directly.

3. Resolve access permissions on files

When you want to share a file or other important data in Google Drive, you should first allow it so that it can be shared with the public by changing it to the View Only menu, or Editor for anyone. This way, all the files in your Google Drive can be accessed, viewed and downloaded by other people without requiring prior permission.

4. Get link approval first

Downloading on Google Drive can be rejected if the owner does not give access permission to download the files in it. This causes the file download to suddenly stop and fail or you can also get a notification that requires the user to get permission first from the Google Drive owner. . Therefore, make sure the owner has given permission so that other people can download via a link that is shared publicly.

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