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4 Best Keyboard Test Tools for Computers

4 Alat Keyboard Test Terbaik untuk Komputer

Of course, a computer cannot be separated from the keyboard, the keyboard is indeed one of its hardware components. If the keyboard is damaged, of course this is a serious problem for users, but this damage is difficult to detect, therefore users should try it using tools that are available online via the website or application.

Actually, keyboard checking is also provided on computer devices, but Mimin will not explain it here because this method is a little more complicated than checking it directly via the internet with the help of the keyboard test tool. Checking the keyboard can be done in two ways, namely as follows.

1. Manually

Checking the keyboard manually can be done and this is a fairly simple technique, you only need to connect the keyboard to the computer while it is on, then look for a notepad or you can use other alternative applications that can be used to write letters, numbers and symbols. After entering, check your PC keyboard one by one in sequence from A-Z, don't forget the symbols, then the numbers must also be checked one by one. This will allow you to know which keyboard is damaged or locked and which is still normal. However, you need to know that if damage occurs due to dust and dirt, the keyboard will continue to press and even cause the number of letters, numbers or symbols to increase and continue to increase. This can be confirmed that there is something stuck to the base of the keyboard. This could be due to dust sticking to it or other factors, so to find out it is necessary to carry out further checks.

2. Using the Website

Now there are many service provider applications for checking keyboards online for free.

On this website you don't need to bother installing the application, you just need to click on the keyboard to check, just like the manual method, but if it is done online then the check will be very easy to detect accurately. The following are recommended websites providing free keyboard checking services. You can copy the link address in the article title below into a Google search so you can enter the Keyboard Check tool.


This website is a provider of easy keyboard checking services. The characteristic of a keyboard that is not working is that the display on the tool shows one of the white round symbols. If one of these is present, it is certain that your PC keyboard is damaged. This tool has a smooth green background, moreover, it is very trusted and widely used by users on the internet to check their PC keyboard.


This second recommendation is a tool that is suitable for checking the keyboard, this tool has a white background but if the key you press doesn't work then the color will change to green which means the key is not working or is damaged. This tool has the advantage of having text that appears when you type like a notepad.


This third tool does have the same function as the tools above, this tool only differs in terms of design, which looks more elegant and luxurious with its green color and white gradation.


This tool is multi-purpose, apart from being able to be used to check for damaged keyboards, in fact this tool is also able to detect damaged components on your PC, including for testing microphones, webcams, mouse speakers, flash and even tunes. This tool is very complete. If you want to try it, please visit Onlinemictest.com on your device.

3. Notes

Please note that if the keyboard you are currently using is damaged and cannot be serviced, it is better to buy a new one. If you already have a new PC keyboard, you need to care for it so that it is durable and long-lasting. Read information about tips for caring for your computer keyboard so that it lasts longer and is maintained by clicking the following link.


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