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14+ Causes of Damaged Laptop Chipset | Characteristics and How to Handle It

Penyebab Chipset Laptop Rusak | Ciri-Ciri dan Cara Penangananya

Laptops are an important necessity in today's increasingly modern era, especially for students or office workers. Laptops are often used to support various activities and the different needs of each individual. With a laptop, all activities carried out will be much easier and more effective.

Currently, laptops have sufficient capacity and performance, many laptops from well-known brands are competing with each other to win the competition. However, on the other hand, many users are disappointed because the laptop they use is easily damaged, for example the most frequently experienced problem is the chipset. This damage may not necessarily occur because the components are easily damaged, but it can also be caused by negligence in their use. Laptop owners often neglect the care that should be carried out to protect their devices from damage, this prevents problems caused by someone, causing the laptop and its components to be easily damaged within a certain time.

One of the most frequent damages is to the main brain of the laptop, namely the chipset. If this component is damaged, other functions on the laptop will also be damaged, so it is very important to know the following causes and reasons.

Main Causes of Laptop Chipset Damage

The following are the main reasons why laptop chipsets can become damaged and how to overcome them.

1. Overheating

Components such as the Chipset can overheat due to the excess load running on the system which in the end the Chipset is unable to support the load itself. Overheating can be characterized by overheating of several components such as the CPU and GPU. Overheating can also result in lagging and, worst of all, your laptop can suddenly shut down.

The main cause of overheating can be caused by components such as CPU, GPU, RAM, VGA and hard disk being used that are too old or from previous versions whose specifications are not as good as current components.

The second cause of overheating can be caused by playing heavy games for a long time, this can cause the chipset on the laptop to be easily damaged, games require graphic rendering and require high "CPU" power to optimize it so that your chipset will work harder. It is best not to play games often or for long periods of time because this can cause damage to the chipset.

2. Fan Not Working

Inside a motherboard there is a small fan which functions to cool the processor. If the laptop is used for too long, the processor will get hot air, but because of the fan, the hot air can be diverted out so it doesn't cause overheating. But what happens if the fan is damaged? So of course this can cause heat and the processor to become easily damaged. So, if the fan is damaged, replace it with a new one before it spreads and damages other components.

3. Components Are Obsolete

As explained at the beginning, these old school components with below average specifications have shortcomings in all aspects, so you should choose to buy the latest laptop.

However, there are also other causes, namely if the owner has used the component for too long. This will also affect the decline in overall chipset performance, this could be because the storage and cache from the start of use until now have never been cleaned, so they will accumulate and cause a decrease in performance.

It's a good idea if your laptop experiences lagging too often or its function decreases, you should reset it, but by backing up important data first. This can repair the chipset so that it returns to being as healthy as before.

4. Laptops are rarely cleaned

Most laptop owners are reluctant to handle cleanliness, even though this is what actually endangers the laptop. Dust particles that enter the laptop can cause the fan to choke on dust so that it cannot spin. This is very dangerous because it can cause the CPU to overheat because the cause is caused by a fan that is not functioning. Therefore, laptop owners should clean the laptop after use so that no dirt gets into the components.

5. Laptop Dropped

Electronic devices that use electricity when they fall will of course be more easily damaged. Laptops that fall from a height with a hard blow can of course experience cracks. This can result in a short circuit in the electrical network, causing the components to not function or even be damaged. Therefore, you should be careful when carrying a laptop, you should use a special bag to avoid unwanted risks.

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