"Kerak Telor" Legendary Authentic Indonesian Food Recipe

you definitely don't know about the original food of the Indonesian Betawi tribe, this is a food that relieves boredom when you are at home,.
"kerak telor" original Indonesian cuisine

"Kerak telor" special recipe

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Hi friends, whatever country you are in, warm greetings from Indonesia, I hope you are in good health.
Again, I said hello and brought recipes from various regions in Indonesia.
This time we will talk about a food that comes from the city of Jakarta, a city that has a "monas" in the center of this city center, and is inhabited by the Betawi tribe. Jakarta does have a variety of foods that have been known for generations, even from the colonial era before Indonesia's independence.

Ever been colonized

Indeed, Indonesia was once colonized by the Dutch, and the colonial period was quite long, history records, the Dutch colonized Indonesia for a period of 350 years, not a short time, right ..?!
Because the colonial period carried out by the Dutch, it was enough to color the life of the Indonesian people, especially regarding the variety of food, not to mention the egg crust which we will disassemble the recipe here.

batavia history of "kerak telor"

A bit of the origin of this "Kerak telor" dish

"Kerak telor" was the result of an experiment by a group of Betawi people living in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta.
This traditional food is the creation of egg, omelet or omelette ingredients cooked with white glutinous rice mixed with spices that really add flavor to this egg crust.

Experimental recipe

Originally, "Kerak telor" consisted of a noodle omelette with Indonesian spices. The Netherlands at that time wanted healthier food.
So that the noodles are modified with glutinous rice.
It seems that this omelette creation is very liked by the Dutch and is always used as an appetizer.
"Kerak telor" at that time was included in the ranks of high-end foods, because it was consumed by many Dutch nobles.
The people at that time took advantage of the abundance of coconut plants in the city of batavia (the city of Jakarta today) as one of the main ingredients for making "Kerak telor".
That's why traditional Jakarta foods use a lot of coconut milk or coconut ingredients such as Nasi uduk, Soto Betawi, to "kerak telor".

"kerak telor" seller in Jakarta

In the 1970s the Betawi tribe, who inhabited the city of Jakarta, began selling this snack called "kerak telor" around the National Monument Monument or "Monas".
And then, this Betawi food began to be promoted.
In the course of time from time to time, "kerak telor" today, can be easily found, anytime and is often found on the outskirts of Jakarta's streets and tourist destinations.
Until now, the food "kerak telor" has become a typical food of the city of Jakarta and is one of the iconic foods of the capital city.

After knowing the history of the origin of this "kerak telor" food, it's time for us to disassemble the recipe, what spices are contained in the "kerak telor" snack.

Betawi's signature "kerak telor" recipe for two servings

  • 6 tablespoons of glutinous rice, soak overnight and drain
  • 2 duck eggs
  • 2 teaspoons dried shrimp, soaked, roasted and puree
  • 2 tablespoons of grated coconut half old, toasted
  • 1 tablespoon of seasoned fried onions
  • 1 tablespoon sliced ​​red chili, roasted and puree
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to make a typical Betawi "Kerak telor":
  1. Beat the duck eggs, add the dried shrimp, mashed spices, fried onions, and roasted coconut. Stir well.
  2. Heat a non-stick omelet.
  3. Pour half of the sticky rice. Flatten on the surface of the pan.
  4. Cook until half cooked.
  5. Pour in half of the seasoned beaten eggs.
  6. Smooth over the entire surface while pressing.
  7. After the bottom is cooked, it can be turned over so that it cooks evenly.
  8. Pick up the food.
  9. serve "Kerak telor" while hot.

That's the legendary "Kerak telor" recipe, the age of this "Kerak telor" food is older than Indonesia itself.
The "kerak telor" food is very suitable when eaten during your leisure time when gathering with family at home.

This is the recipe for typical Indonesian dishes, which are the Warna Dunia, a source of inspiration for foreign chefs.