Crocodile Bread Recipe That Must Be At Betawi Tribe Weddings, Definitely Indonesia

only in Betawi Indonesia, crocodiles accompany the bride and groom... curious....?!
crocodile bread

Crocodile Bread Recipe That Must Be At Betawi Tribe Weddings, Definitely Indonesia

Still discussing about the Betawi tribe with their special food as well as their diverse customs and traditions, the Betawi tribe that inhabits the capital city of Indonesia does have a unique tradition, this tribe has long lived side by side with the customs and cultures of other nations, call it the Chinese people who already existed in Indonesia before the Indonesian nation became independent.
In addition to living side by side with the Chinese, the Betawis, as a tribe that inhabited strategic places, such as Batavia (now Jakarta) during the Dutch colonial era, forced them to adapt to the existing situation, and this situation greatly affected their daily life, gradually becoming a habit. and eventually become a culture.


There is one tradition of the Betawi tribe whose origins can be said to be satirical to the Europeans at that time, which was during the colonial era inhabiting Batavia (now Jakarta).
The tradition is the existence of crocodile bread which used to be mandatory at the wedding of a Betawi tribal couple.

We will thoroughly discuss the Betawi-style crocodile bread, and at the same time how to make it, but first, it never hurts to open a history class about the existence of bread in Indonesia, and the history of the existence of crocodile bread.

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The origin of bread in Indonesia

Bread has only entered Indonesia since the arrival of the colonialists from the Netherlands, around 1930. At that time the Dutch often consumed bread which was eventually traded to the public. From there, bread began to develop in Indonesia from a hard and rough texture to a soft texture and a savory taste.

At that time, the technique of making bread in Indonesia was very simple. Although butter has been in use since 1930, at that time yeast had not been used and bread, was still naturally fermented with only a wet cloth covered.
This method makes the texture of the bread less soft.

Along with the times, bread in Indonesia is very diverse. The influence of other countries in the emergence of bread variant innovations in Indonesia is indeed very large. Advances in technology make it easier for people to access information from various parts of the world so that their opportunities to continue to make modifications by taking ideas and inspiration from other countries are not difficult.

Not only that, many bakery brands from abroad entered Indonesia and were enthusiastically welcomed by the wider community. The delicious taste of bread and variants that make many foreign bakery products even more desirable than domestic products. The history of bread in Indonesia is quite interesting because it started from foreign food, now bread has become daily food.

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History of Crocodile Bread

Betawi Crocodile Bread or Jakarta Crocodile Bread
At first the offerings of crocodile bread were prepared to compete with Europeans who at that time showed love by giving flowers to the opposite sex. Betawi people at that time wanted a new symbol to show feelings for the opposite sex. Then this crocodile-shaped bread was chosen because it is loyal to one partner.

Crocodiles are unique animals. When the mating season arrives, always choose the same mate. That's where the Betawi people believe it. The crocodile bread that is made is usually a pair. The size of the female crocodile bread is usually smaller than the male.

Usually the female crocodile bread is also added with a small crocodile bread located behind or beside it which means loyalty to children and grandchildren.

Initially, crocodile bread was made with a hard texture, it tends not to be consumed. This hard bread has a philosophy of its own, which suggests that later the couple will endure to the death. But over time, the texture of crocodile bread changes to a soft like bread in general. And crocodile bread even after the wedding will be distributed to the guests in the hope that they can follow the wedding soon.

After knowing the origin of the Betawi style crocodile bread, now we are starting to know how to make crocodile bread with a typical Betawi recipe.

Crocodile Bread Ingredients:
  • 700 grams of high protein flour
  • 300 grams of medium protein flour
  • 285 ml cold water
  • 65 grams of powdered milk
  • 100 ml liquid milk
  • 10 grams of salt
  • 250 grams of sugar
  • 10 grams developer
  • 7 grams of baking powder
  • 20 grams of instant yeast
  • 7 grams of bread grinder or alfaga
  • 150 grams of butter
  • 75 grams of margarine
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 2 egg whites

Ingredients for oiling:
  • Evaporated milk to taste
  • Margarine to taste

How to cook:
  1. Add high and medium protein flour, powdered milk, instant yeast, egg yolks and whites, cold water, granulated sugar, and liquid milk.
  2. Mix all ingredients together, knead until smooth or not sticky.
  3. Then add margarine, salt and butter while continuing to knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.
  4. Shape it into a ball first, then let it rest for about 30 minutes or until the dough is twice as big.
  5. Deflate the dough, then cut and weigh the dough according to taste.
  6. Let stand again for 15 minutes.
  7. The shape of the dough resembles a crocodile.
  8. Spread the baking sheet with margarine until evenly distributed.
  9. Place the alligator bread dough onto the baking sheet.
  10. Let stand for an hour, then spread the alligator bread dough with margarine and evaporated milk until evenly distributed.
  11. Then put it in the oven and bake it at a temperature of above 180 degrees Celsius, and a fire below 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes until cooked and browned then remove.
  12. Crocodile bread decoration as the final step
  13. Crocodile bread for weddings is ready to be used for offerings to the bride.

Crocodile Bread

crocodile bread is now widely traded with crocodile bread at varying prices, not only for weddings, crocodile bread is present but now there is crocodile circumcision bread, the price of crocodile lauw bread also varies, the seller also names his homemade crocodile bread with various names, such as crocodile condet bread , the crocodile lauw bakery bread, the crocodile rawa bread belong, and many more.

Such is the journey of bread to Indonesia, as well as the origin of crocodile bread as a romantic symbol of Betawi tribe men.
May the "warna dunia" also color your life.